Adventure Found

Travel. Travel allows us to experience new places, new people, new foods, new traditions. Home. Home gives us comfort, stability, rest, calm. Sometimes we get bored with home and we want the adventure of travel. We want the new. We want the exciting. I believe we can see the new, the exciting and experience the adventure at home. My Southern Scapes Palette Knife Series is a celebration of the world around home. I truly believe we need to open our eyes to the blessings around us to see those moments of beauty and celebration. We need to dig and explore and see what our little piece of the world has to offer and how we can share that new found love of home with others. I believe when we sit still or slow down we have the opportunity to see what has been given to us and be grateful. I love the diversity of the South. I love the diversity of the people, the food, the landscape. I’ve lived in the South my entire life and I feel like I peel back the onion a little each day to learn something new and to see something “old” in a new way.

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