I’m an artist. I spend time looking at a picture plane and focusing on composition, color, texture, movement, and mood. I, also, spend time thinking about my edges. You know, the side of the canvas that sometimes is left raw. A lot of artists paint the edges with a continuation of the scene from the picture plane. Other artists paint the edge a solid color. Yet other artists leave the edge raw because the client will frame the piece and it won’t be seen. I wrap my edges with the scene or paint the edges a solid color. I think the edges matter. The edge is a detail in the completion of my piece. My heart and soul are poured into the picture plane so why would I not care about the detail or the edge that wraps around that soul?

The edge of the canvas made me think about other edges in our life. I believe edges are details which we shouldn’t ignore. Of course, there are details that are so in our face that we can’t help but take notice. The kind that are every day- the food we feed our families each day, the conversations we have with our spouse about the family schedule for the week, and the way we perform our daily work. We have details of life daily and we need to pay attention to those and do our best with each one. But what about the edges?

Those edges (maybe you call them margins) are just as important as the picture plane or the main thing. Maybe you are a teacher and your main thing (or your picture plane) is to stand in front of a group of kiddos and love them and teach them and help them grow daily. That is your main thing or your picture plane. But what is your edge? Your edge could be a staff member you don’t know well but always says hello. Maybe that is the edge you should pay attention to. Engage in conversation. Maybe even give them a $5 coffee gift card after hearing how he/she has been up all night with a sick child. That edge can grow into something meaningful. That edge has impact. That edge is what adds to the richness of life. That edge is wrapped around your soul. 

I love looking for edges. Do I always pay attention and give them the treatment they deserve. Nope. I’m human. I let opportunities pass me by. Or maybe I’m too busy. Or I don’t want to intrude. Or maybe I lack the confidence to step into the space. However, I wonder if I/we stop and look for those edges and paint them a solid color or wrap the scenery around, will we see life in a new way, will we learn something or grow, will we make a new friend, or maybe we will just make someone smile that day? Each little edge is worth our time. Each little edge can add richness to our picture plane. Details, margin, and edges matter. 

Look for your edge today. I’ll be looking for mine!

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