I posted a photo of this section of this painting recently. That photo showed the first layer of paint-the beginning of this particular painting’s life. I’ve added strokes and layers of paint and have kept working on this piece until I feel it is complete.

As I look at this painting, I can’t help but think of life and how our layers add up to who we are and where we are in this moment. Each layer, each detail, each experience adds richness to our life. Even the bad experiences, the tough times, the days we wish we could live over. All of those times add something to our story-growth, wisdom or maybe even change. Life is beautiful and hard and wonderful and sometimes sad. Each layer has purpose and meaning. Sometimes, we just need to sit still and allow those moments to become the layer to add to our life painting.

We can look at our life and see those layers which have lead to the people we are today. I’m thankful for my layers. Even the really messy ones. Sometimes those messy ones add the most beauty.

What layer are you adding today?

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