Are you a sunset or a sunrise person? I love both! Yes, I know. I’m not choosing. However, I see beauty and gifts in each. SUNRISES are powerful, new, beginnings, possibilities, starts, opportunity. The colors of a sunrise are warm and glow as they emerge from very dark black to bring forth the warm yellows and subtle oranges which light the earth. To me, sunrises say “something exciting is about to happen! Go start your day and try something new.” BUT SUNSETS are the slow down, the finish, time to contemplate, remember, be still. Wow! Sunsets fill the sky with majesty. They show energy and passion of the day. They allow us to see that one last spark of fire and light as the pinks and oranges and sometimes reds fade into the silky navy blues of the night. Sunsets say “you did well today. Now go rest.” Yes, I love both! What about you?

End of Day
Oil on canvas

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