Treasure Walks

All of my paintings are about God’s gift of creation and the beauty we take for granted or overlook often. Each painting points the viewer back to His creation and this precious gift. Every new morning, we have the opportunity to see the mundane in a new way. A walk to the mailbox might be the opportunity to see the dappled light on the leaves of the trees, the blue of the October sky or that intricate lace of the web woven overnight. When we stop and notice, we are overwhelmed with beauty, with intricacy, with details, with color, and with textures. This love of nature became more developed when I would go on treasure walks with my young daughter. Each day, we’d walk down our street and see what treasures awaited us. We found sparkling granite rocks, crunchy leaves, and an occasional fluffy feather. We stopped and we noticed. I want my viewers to notice too. My mission is to take you on a treasure walk.

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Are you a sunset or a sunrise person? I love both! Yes, I know. I’m not choosing. However, I see beauty and gifts in each. SUNRISES are powerful, new, beginnings, possibilities, starts, opportunity. The colors of a sunrise are warm and glow as they emerge from very dark black to bring forth the warm yellows…

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I posted a photo of this section of this painting recently. That photo showed the first layer of paint-the beginning of this particular painting’s life. I’ve added strokes and layers of paint and have kept working on this piece until I feel it is complete. As I look at this painting, I can’t help but…

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I’m an artist. I spend time looking at a picture plane and focusing on composition, color, texture, movement, and mood. I, also, spend time thinking about my edges. You know, the side of the canvas that sometimes is left raw. A lot of artists paint the edges with a continuation of the scene from the…

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